5 Reasons to Open an eBay Store


As I begin to get more serious about selling on eBay, I assumed my next logical step would be to open an eBay Store. To start my research, I naturally gravitated to what has become my “eBay Bible,” Marsha Collier’s, eBay for Dummies book. I discovered that an eBay Store isn’t necessarily for everyone. Here are 5 things to consider to help you determine whether opening an eBay Store is right for you.

1) Economic Feasibility

eBay Stores offer sellers Listing Fee discounts and lower Final Value Fees depending on category and volume of sales and product listings. Chances are, if you’re selling 50 items or more a month, especially if they are multiples, then an eBay Store may save you money.

Check out the eBay’s Fee Calculator to determine if you could rake in the moola.

2) Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business

eBay Stores also offer a number of selling tools to help you grow your business and promote your brand. So even if your current selling volume is low, but you’re ready to ramp up, you may still want to consider a Store for these promotional tools:

  • Branding and custom URL’s
  • Featured items
  • Access to CPC advertising
  • Promotion management (order size offers, coupons, sale events, free shipping offers)
  • Cross-selling
  • Email marketing
  • Keyword management

3) Tools to Help Manage Your Business

eBay Store owners also get access to Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro and Vacation Hold.

4) Discounted eBay Branded Shipping Supplies

No further explanation needed. 🙂

5) Experienced Sellers Only

Marsha Collier cautions that beginning sellers wait to open a store until they’ve gotten enough experience under their belts to really understand how eCommerce works. Without that knowledge you could do yourself more harm than good.

To qualify for a Basic Store you must have an eBay sellers account and be PayPal Verified. Basic stores start at $19.95 per month.

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Jodi Gaines Pereira

Jodi Gaines Pereira is the co-founder of ReplyManager, a web-based tool designed to help online sellers manage their incoming customer communications. She served as CEO and blog editor until it's sale to XSellco. She is also a founding partner of iguanafarmGroup, a product development and engineering company. Jodi is a frequent contributor to online publications such as Tamebay and WebRetailer and often speaks about customer experience and marketing within the eCommerce community and is an accomplished singer / songwriter.

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