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eBay for Dummies

Late last week, I received an advanced copy of the updated, 9th edition of Marsha Collier’s book eBay for Dummies. My initial intent after speaking with Ms. Collier was to read the book and post an opinion. However, I’ve decided to have a little fun and make it an “interactive review” by putting her advice to the test and documenting how well I fare. I learn best by doing, so this seemed the ideal way to give selling on eBay a shot without having to stumble in the dark unnecessarily.

So for the next few months, eBay for Dummies will be my “bible” as I try to clear my garage of all the household treasures I’ve lovingly collected that now occupy valuable space where my car used to be.

Before you get started, look around your house as well.

According to Ms. Collier, “An eBay/Nielsen survey discovered that the average U.S. household has 52 unused items around the house that were originally worth $3,100. Selling those items online is the best way to make cash.”



eBay For Dummies covers just about everything you need to know to get started on eBay, including how to make money the eBay way, understanding the rules, marketing, sales, shipping, social media and (my personal favorite) a section on finding products to sell and how to catch trends. Despite the title, eBay for Dummies should appeal to seasoned sellers as well as novices. I imagine after reading it you’ll find some little nugget of information you didn’t already know or forgot about.

Please feel free to post comments and questions. Look forward to sharing the journey.

This post is a part of an interactive book review series dedicated to eBay for Dummies by Marsha Collier… description here. Click here to learn more or purchase the book.

Jodi Gaines Pereira

Jodi Gaines Pereira is the co-founder of ReplyManager, a web-based tool designed to help online sellers manage their incoming customer communications. She served as CEO and blog editor until it's sale to XSellco. She is also a founding partner of iguanafarmGroup, a product development and engineering company. Jodi is a frequent contributor to online publications such as Tamebay and WebRetailer and often speaks about customer experience and marketing within the eCommerce community and is an accomplished singer / songwriter.

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