Top 6 Reasons to Sell on eBay Marketplace

Yes. That’s me in my pajamas, getting a bit of work done while enjoying my morning coffee. It’s a nice perk when running a business out of the house, along with long morning beach walks and frequent trips to Starbucks (very necessary to coffee addicts such as myself). But as appealing as slippers, beaches, and abundant coffee are to would-be sellers, there are actually 6 other really good reasons why you should sell on eBay.

  • Little to No Start-up Capital. According to Marsha Collier, author of eBay for Dummies, the old cliché “You gotta spend it to make it” doesn’t apply to selling on eBay. Unlike most SMB’s, eBay sellers don’t have to spend much to get started. Insertion fees are very low, often free, depending on listing settings. The first 50 listings each month are free and $0.30 each after that. Additional fees do apply to Buy It Now, Reserved Pricing, bold, subtitles, secondary categories, short auction cycles and more. However, a Final Value Fee (commission off of what you sold) is applied after the sale. This is not the case for all listings, so please refer to eBay’s Standard Selling Fees page for details.
  • No Buying of Inventory. Although many eBayers move on to various forms of product sourcing, it is not necessary to get started by laying out a ton of cash for products. You have a treasure trove of salable items in your own home. Go explore!
  • Instant Access to Customers. Marketplaces like eBay are at the forefront of e-commerce and represent significant opportunities and access to customers that are already buying on the marketplace. Customers trust marketplaces and enjoy the many choices available. Feedback and reviews provide built-in social proof, a big factor in purchase behavior.
  • Established Business Model. eBay has been around since 1995 and they have an established business model with processes to help you list products, communicate with and ship to your customers as efficiently as possible. It’s super easy for first timers.
  • Active eBay Community. Perhaps the biggest reason to sell on eBay is the incredible community spirit amongst sellers. On no other marketplace have I seen a coming together of sellers so willing to lend a hand to fellow sellers. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to eBay Radio.
  • Freedom. Do what you want, when you want. Period.

Jodi Gaines Pereira

Jodi Gaines Pereira is the co-founder of ReplyManager, a web-based tool designed to help online sellers manage their incoming customer communications. She served as CEO and blog editor until it's sale to XSellco. She is also a founding partner of iguanafarmGroup, a product development and engineering company. Jodi is a frequent contributor to online publications such as Tamebay and WebRetailer and often speaks about customer experience and marketing within the eCommerce community and is an accomplished singer / songwriter.

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